Frequently Asked Questions


How scary is it?

At Dark Matter Scream Works we do our best to make sure every customer is extremely frightened.


Can my child go through?

That depends on the child. Some children are terrified even at the thought of something scaring them. Others are not frightened at all because they do not understand what is going on. It is the parents decision if the child can handle the haunt. We do not recommend any children under 12 years old.


Can I work here?

Yes you can!  Please send an email to Also like our Facebook page to find out when we are having open tryouts for the season. They usually happen in August or September.


When are you open?

Please refer to the Dates/Hours page for further details as they may change without notice.


Are there Clowns, Ghosts, or other things in the haunt?

We do not even know what lurks within these walls. You will have to go in to find out.


How many people per group?

The ideal group size is around 2 to 4 guests This will ensure you are getting the best experience possible. The larger the group the harder it is to clean up the mess between groups.


What if it rains/snows?

Dark Matter Scream Works is entirely inside. The wind, rain and snow will not close us down.


What if I am still in line at closing?

Dark Matter Scream Works will stay open later than 12am to make sure every guest is scared equally. Your ticket is good for any night we are open. If you must leave for any reason and you have NOT entered all of the haunts yet you may come back at any time and continue your haunt experience. The only exceptions to this rule are tickets that were bought during Opening weekend and Friday the 13th. Those tickets are only good during those times.


Will the actors touch me?

All of the actors follow strict rules not to touch any guest on purpose. Contact is not entirely avoidable due to dark and cramped spaces. Some contact my occur. If the contact is beyond an accident, find the nearest exit and seek a security professional.


I have a health condition, should I enter?

The haunt will have fog, strobe lights, cramped spaces, jump scares, UV black lights, lasers, moving floors, ramps and water features., If ANY of these can irritate ANY medical condition then we advise you NOT to enter. You agree to enter at your own risk and waive all liability of Dark Matter Scream Works when you purchase the ticket and/or enter the attraction. You have been warned.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us using the email address or phone number at the top of the page.


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